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Fuel your adventures with the heart and soul of music through the Blackwater Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers! This little powerhouse, boasting an IPX6 waterproof certification, is your trusty sidekick for tackling hiking trails head-on. Its compact charm, paired with a handy carabiner clip and micro USB charging cable, ensures your favorite tunes tag along on every exploration.

Why Choose Blackwater?

  • Compact and Mighty: Despite its size, this speaker belts out powerful, immersive tunes that resonate with the beat of your journey.
  • Stay Connected, Stay Free: Seamlessly control your playlist and enjoy hands-free communication with the built-in microphone and music controls.
  • Clip it, Carry it: Hook the speaker onto your gear effortlessly with the carabiner clip – a simple solution to keep the rhythm of your adventure going strong.
  • Ready for Anything: Embrace the elements fearlessly with the IPX6 water-resistant certification, making this speaker your go-to for all-weather music bliss.
  • Friendly Reminder: Due to the unique grill design, keep in mind that small text and graphics may play hide-and-seek, but the performance remains stellar (For Custom Design).

With a Bluetooth range of 33 feet and an impressive 2 hours of music at full blast, the Blackwater Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers add a personalized soundtrack to your outdoor escapades. Let the beats accompany your journey – snag your Blackwater speaker now and let the adventure melody unfold! 🎶✨


Moonlight Musical Outdoor Speaker, Best Wireless Outdoor Speaker

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