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Transform your living space with a touch of mandala magic using our stunning indoor pillows. Available in various sizes, these pillows are more than mere decor – they're artistic statements that turn your space into a personalized haven. 🏠🎨

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Material: Immerse yourself in the world of mandala designs as you experience the luxurious touch of the 100% polyester cover. And worry not about comfort – the 100% polyester pillow within ensures you're resting in style.
  • Mesmerizing Double-Sided Prints: With mesmerizing double-sided prints, these pillows effortlessly infuse energy into any room. 🛋️🌀
  • Seamless Finish: Our dedication to details shines through – the concealed zipper adds a seamless finish while keeping the focus on the intricate mandala patterns. 🤫🔒
  • Precision in Construction: Each pillow arrives pre-constructed, with a size variance of just +/- 0.5". 📏
  • Dive into the Captivating World of Mandalas: So, dive into the captivating world of mandalas and redefine your space with these extraordinary accents that celebrate your unique style! 🌈🌌


Elevate your interior with the charm of mandala magic and make your space truly your own. These pillows are not just accessories; they're artistic expressions that reflect your individuality. ✨🌟🏠


 14" × 14"     16" × 16"      18" × 18"      
Width, in14.0016.0018.00
Length, in14.0016.0018.00


Bohemian Style Pillow with Mandala Art, Mandala Decorative Throw Pillow Art

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