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Unveiling the Dazzling Evolution of Folies Bergère: A Night in 1886 That Changed Paris Forever!

A day like today, (Nobember-30)


In the heart of Paris, a historic night unfolded on November 30, 1886, transforming the Folies Bergère into a cultural phenomenon. This article delves into the mesmerizing evolution of this iconic venue, from its humble beginnings to becoming the epitome of Parisian nightlife.

Panoramic view of the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Seine River, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Paris, France.

1. The Birth of Folies Bergère: From Operettas to Sensational Revues

Once a diverse hall for operettas, pantomime, political meetings, and vaudeville, Folies Bergère took a bold step in 1886 by introducing an elaborate revue. Explore how the highly popular "Place aux Jeunes" not only established Folies as the premier nightlife spot in Paris but also set the stage for a dazzling transformation.

2. Parisian Temptations: The 1890s and the Rise of Spectacular Nude Shows

In the 1890s, Folies Bergère mirrored the evolving taste of Paris by embracing striptease, earning a reputation for its spectacular nude shows. Uncover how the theater spared no expense, staging revues with 40 sets, 1,000 costumes, and a behind-the-scenes crew of 200 people.

3. From Failure to Vaudeville Triumph: The 1870s Resurgence

Trace Folies Bergère's journey from a resounding failure in light opera and pantomimes to its vaudeville triumph in the 1870s. Explore the diverse performances, from acrobats to a boxing kangaroo, that turned the theater into a symbol of Parisian indulgence.

4. The Revue Revolution of 1886: Place aux Jeunes Takes Center Stage

Under new management in 1886, Folies Bergère staged its first revue-style music hall show on November 30. Dive into the success of "Place aux Jeunes," featuring scantily clad chorus girls, and witness how it marked the beginning of a bold era where costumes became more outrageous with each passing year.

5. Famous Faces and Outrageous Acts: Folies Bergère's Impact on Entertainment

Discover the performers who rose to fame at Folies Bergère, including Yvette Guilbert, Maurice Chevalier, and Mistinguett. From the iconic Josephine Baker's G-string ornamented with bananas to daring acts that pushed boundaries, explore how Folies Bergère shaped the world of entertainment.


The allure of Folies Bergère endures, and its legacy lives on in the mainstream concerts and performances hosted at the theater today. With a tradition dating back more than a century, the show's title always contains 13 letters and includes the word "Folie." November 30, 1886, marked not just a night of revelry, but a cultural turning point that resonates through time, forever etching Folies Bergère into the annals of entertainment history. (2013.). This Day in History.

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