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Embark on your fitness journey with style and comfort in our Mesh Sneakers for Men. These sports shoes offer a dynamic blend of performance and fashion, featuring black or white detailing and an exceptionally comfortable memory foam sole that adapts to your feet's unique contours over time.


Key Features:


  • Breathable Deodorant Memory Foam Insoles: Enjoy lasting freshness and comfort during every workout with our advanced insole design.
  • Dynamic Lace-up Closure: A secure fit with a touch of modernity, perfect for both athletic pursuits and casual wear.
  • High Breathability: The sole, crafted from TPU and EVA materials, combined with the 100% mesh-knit polyester nylon construction, ensures optimal breathability—a must-have for sports enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Styling: Choose between black or white detailing to match your personal style.
  • Tailored Stitching: The black sole color variant boasts black stitching, while the white sole color variant features white stitching for a polished finish.
  • Quality Sourced from China: Our commitment to quality is reflected in the sourcing of blank products from reputable suppliers in China.


Hit the track with confidence and style in our Mesh Sneakers for Men. Elevate your athletic experience with superior comfort and breathability.

Comfortable Men's Sports Sneakers, Men's Mesh Sneakers, Men's Athletic Shoes

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$71.24Sale Price
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